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Money education for modern couples
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About Kate & Val

Money doesn't give you happiness, but it gives you freedom to be happy.

For us, life has not been easy. We both come from families where money was scarce, we had to work from young ages and contribute to our families. We didn't have fancy toys or expensive vacations. But one thing we had in common, the love and dedication our parents gave us.

We learned from an early age that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. We understood the importance of prioritizing, saving, and taking responsibility for your actions... the three most important things to gain financial freedom.

As we shared our life together and got experience, we discovered that you don't just have to work hard to make your dream come true, you also have to work smart and use your money wisely so you can live a peaceful, fulfilled life even if you make an average salary.

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“Thank you guys for your great guidance and extreme patience. I didn't believe I could do it but you never stop believing in me and encouraging me to make better decisions with my money.”

Eli Sanchez, NY

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