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We are a couple of immigrants granted the honor to be Canadians. Kate is originally from Chile, and Val is from Ukraine. We both came to Canada in different situations but with very similar goals. Val came with a work visa working as a long-haul truck driver, and Kate came with a scholarship to study at Red River College in Winnipeg, we each came with just a couple of dollars in our pockets and a suitcase full of dreams and hope, committed to making this experience the best chapter in our lives.

When we met, Kate could barely speak English, but it was not a barrier to our love. Very quickly we realized we were made for each other and since then we have been a team, partners, best friends and lovers working to make our dreams come true.


For us, life has not been easy. We both come from families where money was scarce, we had to work from young ages and contribute to our families. We didn’t have fancy toys or expensive vacations. But one thing we had in common, the love and dedication our parents gave us.

We learned from an early age that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. We understood the importance of prioritizing, saving, and taking responsibility for your actions… the three most important things to gain financial freedom.

As we shared our life together and got experience, we discovered that you don’t just have to work hard to make your dream come true, you also have to make that hard work count and use your money wisely so you can live a peaceful, fulfilled life even if you make an average salary like us.


School teaches us important stuff like history, geography, math, read and write. But it forgot to teach us the essential things in life: mindset, personal finances, and effective communication. 
In marriage, these three concepts go hand in hand, and if you are a multicultural couple living in a country you were not raised on... you need to put extra attention to these three pillars so you can have a healthy relationship with your other half. 

We, Kate and Val, both have financial backgrounds and… trust us… FINANCES ARE BORING!!

And even worse, from everything we learned we actually used 10% of this knowledge to create our own financial freedom.  It all sounds difficult to understand, with all these fancy words that only “smart people” can understand, so regular mortals like you and I don’t want to even think about it.

At our mid 30’s, we don't have a fancy house, an expensive car or a boat to show off… but we do have something greater... peace of mind. We are a regular working-class family that with an average salary has been capable of achieving the freedom we always dreamed of. We don’t feel anxious about our future, we are not scared of losing our jobs, and we have the freedom to make career changes and start the business of our dreams because we created a financial plan that protects us. And the most important...

We don’t fight over money, we are proud of each other, of what we have achieved together and nobody can control our life but us.

One day we were talking about how upsetting was seeing all those people and companies taking advantage of regular in-debt families. How devastating was seeing couples with young kids going into a hole of debt because of their poor decisions.  How the future of these kids was already broken.  And how easy was changing this path if their parents knew better. That’s how this company came to live! we decided to stop thinking about it and actually do something to help other couples to break this pattern.

We know how scary it can be to take actions and go for what you dream, that’s why we used a different teaching approach. We took all these financial concepts, and we made them easy to digest, motivating and fun. You might call us crazy, but with our on-line course, you will feel so proud of your achievements, so in power of your life and so connected to your spouse that you will end up liking money and enjoying managing it.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge with you, help you take control of your own money and stop being a slave of your debt. With dedication, focus, and teamwork you can finally take all that heavy weight off your shoulders and start living!!!

Don’t wait for the planets to align to start taking control of your life. The best time to start is right now.




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