Are you trying to cut off your expenses, but your friends and family keep pushing you to spend money on things like dinners, gym memberships and birthdays and don't know how to say no without hurting anybody? 


Uffff, one of the hardest things about getting out of debt, is dealing with social pressures. If you just could hide in a cave while you pay off your debt, you could achieve your goal so quickly because there were no social obligations, no temptations, nothing!  


But like it or not, we are social creatures, and you can't just cut people off your life while you try to fix your financial mess.


So what should you do?

Communicate. Yes, communicate in advance what you are going to do in the coming year or two and set the expectations clearly. 


Yes, I know it's hard to talk about your money issues but, think about this, probably most of your friends and family are in the same situation than you and are ashamed to talk about it. And if you tell them what you decided to do, you might end up motivation them… and who knows, they might join you on this journey.


But you don't have to go into detail, just tell something like this: You know... I'm working on improving my finances, and I decided to cancel my gym membership, so you will have to find a different partner to work out. 


With this kind of communication, you will be able to test your friends' reactions and see how they react to your decisions. Do they support this new you? Do they act like a little devil saying come on just a dinner out, you should buy it you deserve it, you look so good in that cloth.


If they really care about you, they will understand you, support you, and they might even join you. But if you don't see any positive reaction… you will have to keep as much distance from them as possible because they will only add more pressure and stress to the new life you are trying to build.


There might be people you just can't keep a distance from like your parents, brothers, sisters. In this case, you should see them as your challengers, the ones that will be testing your commitment to this process. They will definitely add more pressure to your journey but take it as the opportunity to get stronger.


And always remind yourself why are you doing what you're doing. You don't need to please anybody anymore. Respect yourself and your decisions and try to find people who will support this new you.  


We hope this post was useful and thank you for sharing it with people you think might benefit from it.


Keep crashing your money goals, and we will see you next time!

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