You and I have something in common, we want our kids to have a happy, fulfilled future.

We want them to succeed in whatever they decide to pursue, have a loving relationship, be healthy, etc. And we also don’t want them to struggle with money. But how can you help them when YOU have been struggling with it most of your life?

Well, there is one thing you can teach your kids that will help them in the future. 

Help your kids make their own decisions.

Yes, one of the biggest issues we adults are facing is our struggle to making decisions and commit to them.

We are so overloaded with small daily decisions. What to wear, what to cook for dinner, how to entertain my kids, decisions at work, with the family, with your friends, etc. And we are so tired and overwhelmed that we freeze when it’s time to make big decisions like should we buy a house or rent, should I save money, should I buy the car I want or a cheaper one, etc. 

We don’t know how to decide, and we don’t take the time to understand our options and the pros and cons of each option. So what we do… we say I don’t know and we leave it for later, and we hold it for weeks, months, years until someone else comes and “help” us to make the decision. You deserve that car, and we will give you 100% financing if you sign up now.  And what we do?... we follow their “advice” because we don’t want to deal with the decision, so we let others decide for us, family, friends, retailers, mortgage brokers, lenders, everyone but not us.

So do you want your kids to follow this path, no right? So this is what you can do, I will summarize it in 3 steps, but if you want to know more, we created a FREE downloadable PDF where you can find more details and some ideas on how we use this steps with our daughter. 

So here are the 3 main steps:

  1. Find opportunities to introduce the choice method to your daily routine. It works basically like this, we give our daughter options, and we tell the consequences of each option, and then we let her decide. Let’s say if we are in the store, and she wants a toy and, we say no today, you can hold it for now, but you have to return it before we leave the store. If she insists we give her two options: if you decide to cry and complain I will have to take you home, and if you choose not to complain, we can continue walking at the store and have a good time. 
  2. Transfer the power to your kid to decide. Kids love to feel independent, embrace that! And let them choose what they think is best for them even if you don’t agree with their decisions. So when they face the consequences, you remind them that they chose to be in that situation, and it wasn’t your choice.  
  3. Commit to what you said you will do. A long time ago, our daughter had a tantrum in the store, you know what we did, we took her, and we went home, we cancelled our plans, and we went home. Since then no tantrum in the stores anymore.      

This basic steps will help your kids to get used to making their own decisions, deciding what is right for them, and being responsible for the consequences of their choices. If you want to get more examples of how we encourage our daughter to make decisions. 

I hope this video was helpful and if you are new here, consider subscribing and sharing this video with other people that could benefit from it. Keep crashing your money goals, and we will see you next time!

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