Many people we know had tried to make a vision board, get magazines and put pictures of all the things they want but they are not attracting the life they really dream of. Why is that?

Well, we believe that those boards are missing the 2 essential things:

1. Have a clear purpose

2. Take actions that align with that purpose

A friend of mine was talking the other day about her vision board. She was saying that she bought the exact car that she visioned on her board. Same colour, same brand, etc. Excellent right, she just manifested what she visioned. But the problem is this... to get the car of her dreams she had to finance it with a high-interest rate for 7 years.

So, where is the purpose of getting that car if you are jeopardizing your freedom, adding stress to your life, having to stay in a job you hate because you need to meet the payments of that car?

Now I will show you our vision board, it doesn’t have pictures because the words resonate more with us than a picture.  But it is up to you how you make it just make sure it has these two things:

1) A clear purpose. So here you go beyond the material things… and go deep into your values, how you want to feel, who you want to be. For us, Freedom and Family are our core values so all our decisions, feelings, thoughts are aligned with the vision of us being free and spending quality time as a family.

2) Actions that align with our purpose. We believe, and we have confirmed with our experience that ACTION creates ATTRACTION. So as you see in this picture, we have our goals around our purpose. Because if we take action, the universe will understand that we are ready to receive all the abundance we are visioning. For example, if you want to have a beautiful home, you will need money for that so put in order your finances first, spend less every day and start saving so when you find the home of your dreams you will be able to purchase it and enjoy it with the peace of mind, you visioned.

So here you have. If you want to copy, our design goes ahead and make a beautiful decorative vision for your house.


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