Are you trying so hard to get out of debt, but everything you try seems to not work for you?


You can find a lot of advice and opinions on the internet about being broke and getting out of it. And yes, most of them are a bit harsh on how they talk about the people who are in debt. Opinions that make you feel ashamed.


But if you are an immigrant couple like us, my friend, you are superhuman, no matter the reasons or circumstances you came to this country… you took the risk, you made the decision to leave behind everything you knew and start a completely new life, in a country you didn't know. 


So if you are struggling with money right now, don't feel ashamed!! You just got lost on your path to building your American or Canadian Dream, and if you are watching this video, you are looking for ways to fix it. And that my friend says a lot about who you are, so be proud of your accomplishments and be committed to making your dreams come true. Please share with us in the comments about your immigration story we would love to learn more about you.


You might be wondering why some people seem to be so lucky, they are so successful so happy in this new country. And on the other hand, here I am, trying so hard to build the life I dreamed, I've tried to start a business, I've kicked my butt working in awful jobs, I've tried to follow a budget, but nothing seems to work.


After listening to many couples, we have come to the conclusion that the missing key is Alignment. 


Yes, the key to not being broke is to be aligned with your Dreams. 


It means knowing what your version of the American or Canadian Dream is. Know what makes you feel fulfilled and make decisions that work toward building that peace of mind, security or any feeling you are looking after.


We immigrants know how to work hard, we know how to push ourselves to the limits, and we really know how to tackle struggles. We have pretty much done it... all our lives!! 


We are just missing this tiny essential Alignment.


But first, you need to get clear on what kind of life you want to live, what is your American or Canadian Dream. 


So here is a little exercise for you:


Get together with your spouse, put some calm music, open a bottle of wine and start dreaming about that perfect life. How do you see yourself, how do you feel in that dreamed life, how do you spend your day, describe it to the detail. And feel it like you are already there.


Repeat this dreaming exercise every week. Talk about it with your spouse, dream it feel it. Take it like you are rehearsing. Repeat it as much as you can, practice it. Yes, like my daughter says, "practice makes perfect," dream it, dream it, dream it until you feel like it's real. 


So ones you are aligned with your Dream, it will be much easier to make better choices, have self-discipline, and commit to making that Dream come true.        


I hope this video was helpful. And if you liked it, we invite you to share it with anybody who can benefit from it. 


Keep crashing your money goals, and we will see you next time!

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