A new video for your kids!!

Lielle is here again talking about savings and some habits that kids can develop so they can help their parents to save some money.

It is all about creating habits from a young age. So if your kid is not listening to you, go and show her/him this video! 

In this video Lielle talks about four simple habits that can help to save money at home.

Enjoy and please help us to spread the word by sharing it in all your social groups.

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WHAT IS MONEY - Kids Edition


We are very excited to introduce our new team member, Lielle. She is here to teach other little kids about money, savings, financial literacy and more all from the eyes of a kid. 

If you want your kid to start getting familiar with money and build a strong, healthy relationship with it, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, so you don't miss any of our episodes. 

In this episode, she talks about:

What is money.
How important is to be patient.
How you should use your money.

 Enjoy this kids' edition about money.



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We all dream about financial freedom, and a lot of people use this phrase in their motivational speech or their marketing.

But what Financial freedom really is?


Well, Financial freedom is a term to define the level of freedom you have to make crucial decisions in your life. In other words: how financially stable you are so you can do whatever you want whenever you want, without asking anybody.

And with this simple calculation, you can know right now how financially free you currently are:


everything you own minus everything you owe


The total resulting from this calculation tells you how financially free you are to make decisions like changing career, retire early or start that dream business you have in mind.

This calculation is called Net Worth, in case you want to sound cool and smart, and to make it easier for you, we created a calculator that you can download for free. Just click the link below and find out how free you are!


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Do you find yourself asking how did I get here?

How did I get to this financial mess? When did it start? Well, we found 6 main reasons why, and because it will be too long to talk about all of them in one video, we created a 2-part video series. Today I will be talking about the remaining 3 main reasons why we get in debt, and if you haven’t watched the previous video, I recommend you to watch that one first.

  1. STUDENT LOANS. This is the case for many professionals. You “invest” in education with the illusion that you will get a good job to pay it back. But what happens when you realize that it will take you much longer than you expected to build your way up in the organization? What happens when you realize that there is no demand for professionals in your field? Or there are too many professionals for the actual demand?. That’s what happens in my native country now, the rates of young unemployed professionals are alarming. And you have to add to this that...
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Do you find yourself asking how did I get here? How did I get into this financial mess? When did it start?

Well, we identified 6 main reasons why, and because it will be too long to talk about all of them in one blog, today I will be talking about the first 3 main reasons why we get in debt and next week we are going to talk about the remaining ones. 

  1. Living beyond your means. What does it mean, it means you are living a lifestyle that you can’t afford.

When you buy things that you don’t need, but you have your finances in order and enough extra money to pay for them… please go ahead! Buy it, enjoy it!  But if you are paying it with credit, my friend… we have a problem.

We, humans, are experts in finding meaning to things we don’t need, here is what I mean:

If you have a busy life you NEED to buy pre-made food, spend on eating out or buy store coffee to keep you going on your busy day.  

If you have a high position in a...

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If you have been following this mini-series about buying a car, you have learned about the difference between a new and used car, and the process you need to follow before you decide to buy a car. Today I will give you some tips on how to get the best deal. So let’s dive into it.

The best-negotiating power is cash

If you have the money to pay for a car I recommend you to buy privately or if you have to finance and buy from a dealer, then wait for the best time to buy. According to Autotrader the best time is the end of the month or during holiday weekend sale. If you go to a private seller, try to find out how urgent it is for them to sell or for how long they have tried to sell it, this will help you to know how much you can negotiate on the price.

Make sure always to negotiate but don’t lowball because you can piss off the seller and the deal will end up nowhere.

If you don’t have the money and you really need a car. You need to look for the most affordable...

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Welcome to our blog!. Today we have a lot to cover, so let’s jump right away on how to buy a used car so you can avoid headaches and awful surprises.

  1. Figure out your car budget

    Don’t go look for cars unless you know exactly how much you can pay for it. If you can pay cash great!! But if not you need to be really honest on how much are you able to compromise when you finance it. On the next video, I will talk in depth about how to get the best deal, for now just defined how much are you willing to spend on a car without putting your family's finance in risk.
  2. Do the research

    You have to focus on these 4 things: year, kilometres, price and quality.  And the best deal will be the combination of these 4 characteristics. I said it in the previous video, and I will repeat it, the purpose of a car is getting you from point A to point B so unless you have the money to pay for it, it’s not time to look for your dream car. You need to...
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Do you want to buy a car, but you don’t know where to start?

We created a video series to help you make the best decision. Today we are sharing some tips for you to decide if you should buy a new or a used car.


When it comes to buying a car, there are so many things you have to consider and just to start thinking about it gets overwhelming. So let’s start from the beginning. Should you buy a used our new car. Before I tell you my opinion, I will compare both options on Safety and Cost.



We can all agree that buy a new car is more reliable than buying a used one. If a new car breaks down, you can have it fixed for free under the included factory warranty, at least for the first 36,000 miles or three years that most carmakers offer. They have more advanced technology which makes them safer and more comfortable to drive. But like most things in life, there are manufacturer mistakes, and we have seen cars being recalled because of...

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Many people we know had tried to make a vision board, get magazines and put pictures of all the things they want but they are not attracting the life they really dream of. Why is that?

Well, we believe that those boards are missing the 2 essential things:

1. Have a clear purpose

2. Take actions that align with that purpose

A friend of mine was talking the other day about her vision board. She was saying that she bought the exact car that she visioned on her board. Same colour, same brand, etc. Excellent right, she just manifested what she visioned. But the problem is this... to get the car of her dreams she had to finance it with a high-interest rate for 7 years.

So, where is the purpose of getting that car if you are jeopardizing your freedom, adding stress to your life, having to stay in a job you hate because you need to meet the payments of that car?

Now I will show you our vision board, it doesn’t have pictures because the words resonate more with us than a picture....

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We all agree that Money can add a lot of stress in your relationship so here you have three tips for dealing with the Money Stress, and you can start implementing them today!


1. Set a common vision

We said it in previous episodes, and we will continue repeating it until it gets stuck in your mind. You need to set a vision.  That’s your north, the reason why you wake up in the morning. It doesn’t need to be a fancy mission statement, but it has to involve both of you.  For us, our core values are Family and freedom, so our vision is having a life full of quality time for our family and a lot of freedom. This vision is so clear in our minds and our souls that it gives us the fuel to make it through any challenge in your life. Set a vision and dream it together, talk about it every day, wake up in the morning and remember it.  So you both know why you are doing what you're doing.


2.  Be positive!

I know, being positive is very hard...

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